Automate Your Marketing Analytics

We help brands and agencies automate their digital analytics without any development.

Google Analytics Health

Easily audit your Google Analytics properties

Automatically audit and monitor your Google Analytics views with our daily tests.

Google Analytics Data Import

Import data and events into Google Analytics

Automatically import your advertising spend, CRM, and subscription data into Google Analytics.

Scheduled Reports

Get regular updates to the entire team in Slack

Send reports directly to your team in Slack using data from your Google Analytics, Facebook, or Instagram accounts.

Instagram Analytics

Full Instagram analytics for all your accounts

Get insights from one or multiple Instagram accounts to easily monitor your posts, comments, and stories.

Unlimited Users

Easily collaborate with your team and clients with set permissions without limitations in your workspaces.


Application built to support multiple languages. Currently supporting English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

Adding an additional layer of security to ensure only authorized users are accessing accounts.


Works with your existing tools

We’re working to integrate and automate all the major platforms our users already use to ensure a seamless setup.

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