Marketing and Consumer Insights

Optimo Analytics is a marketing and consumer insights platform to help organizations analyze and understand their marketing and social performance

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Not just another reporting tool

Our mission is to build the easiest, most straight-forward, and powerful marketing analytics platform out there. We’ve developed a platform that uses your data, our analytics expertise, and artificial intelligence to help organizations improve their marketing insights and performance. Think of us as your personal marketing consultant.

What's our audience breakdown?

Audience Analysis

Leverage location, gender, age from your accounts to segment online audiences and benchmark marketing performance across multiple channels.

What results am I getting based on my creatives?

Visual Analysis

Our technology processes visual content using neural networks to detect the objects, colors, celebrities, facial sentiment of people in your creative pieces to extract data we use to find insights.

How do people feel about us?

Sentiment Analysis

Using Natural Language Processing technology, we analyze and report on how positive or negative people are responding to your organization automatically.



Manage one or multiple organizations seamlessly

Performance Indicators

Industry standard KPI's for you to monitor so you don’t miss a thing

Two Factor Authentication

We take security seriously with 2FA for an added layer of security


Create scheduled events to automatically send reports via email and Slack (coming soon)


Get automated insights on targeting the right audience and where to target them (coming soon)

Reports and Dashboards

Reports and dashboards to combine your data across all channels and campaigns (coming soon)

Built to work with all your tools

We’ve integrated with the tools your team already knows and uses. Connect all your data sources to track and improve your company’s marketing performance in one place.

Coming Soon

Need help getting started? We can help!

We provide customers with their analytics implementation and systems setup, from strategy to completion. We work directly with business owners and managers to gain a better understanding of what’s really going on in their business and gain better productivity and results.

Optimo Analytics Implementation

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