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Not just another reporting platform

Find out how people are responding to your content

Using sentiment analysis to analyze text, we analyze and report on how positive or negative people are responding to your content automatically.

  • Are people liking what I’m posting?
  • How are people feeling about my posts?
  • Should I be posting this type of content or not?

Get insights from you images and video to plan your content

Our technology processes your visual content using neural networks to detect the objects, colors, and facial sentiment of people in your content to extract data to find insights.

  • Do my followers prefer to see mountains or beaches? Pizza or burgers?
  • Does the color red, green, purple, or blue get the best engagement?
  • Should I be serious, smiling, or what in my posts?

Find a detailed breakdown of your audience

Insights into your audience, such as age and gender, languages, top countries and cities.

  • What demographic and location should I promote my posts for?
  • Whats the breakdown of my followers?

Completely automate your reporting for your team and clients

Create scheduled events to automatically send reports via email to whoever needs them, when they need them.

Easily manage and monitor multiple accounts with workspaces

Multiple Workspaces allow our users to manage one or many companies. This gives you the flexibility and control to manage your company and who has access to each property.

Our Features

Automated Reports

Built to automatically give you insights and reports without needing an analyst

Compare Accounts

See the performance across all you accounts in one place


Manage multiple accounts seamlessly and easily, making it perfect for agencies

Audience Analysis

Breakdown your audience by location, gender, and age from your accounts

Visual Analysis

Using computer vision, we extract data from your visual and find quantitative insights

Sentiment Analysis

We analyze your account to see how your audience is reacting to your content

Scheduled Reporting

Schedule reports to be sent to your team or clients

User Management

Manage your team by giving each the right permissions of what they can access

Two Factor Authentication

We take security seriously and added another layer of security

Powerful marketing platforms you work with, simplified.

Instagram Business Analytics

Access all you Instagram Business account that that is available, including Followers, Stories, Views, Website Clicks, Gender, Geo, and much more

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YouTube Analytics

Get access to all the metrics available in your YouTube channel without limitations, include views, earning, audience, and other relevant data.

In Development

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Who is this tool for?

We developed Optimo Analytics to help organizations, businesses, managers, and marketers to easily monitor, report, and track their marketing performance easily and automatically.

  • Social Media Managers
  • Business Owners
  • Brand Managers
  • Marketing Managers
  • Growth Marketers
  • Content Creators
  • Social Media Specialists
  • Marketing Consultants
  • Instagram Account Managers
  • Marketing Agencies

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