How do people feel about us?

Sentiment Analysis

Using Natural Language Processing technology, we analyze and report on how positive or negative people are responding to your organization automatically.

Who are our best or potential customers?

Audience Analysis

Leverage location, gender, age from your accounts to segment online audiences and benchmark marketing performance across multiple demographics and locations.

What results am I getting based on my creatives?

Visual Analysis

Our technology processes visual content using neural networks to detect the objects, colors, celebrities, facial sentiment of people in your creative pieces to extract data we use to find insights.

Manage one or multiple organizations


Multiple Workspaces allow our users to manage one or many companies. This gives you the flexibility and control to manage your company and who has access to each property.

Your personal marketing consultant


Get automated insights, recommendations, and alerts from our artificial intelligence system using your data to improve your business and keep you informed on your performance.

Easy to setup, and ready to work with the tools you already use.

We built Optimo Analytics to be easy to get started and use, compatible with the tools small business owners use, and give real value to our users. We're more than a reporting tool, we're an optimization tool.