Special Launch Deal


Tell me about the deal

This deal is for all our features and functionality, except you get a huge discount for a limited time! So what can you get?

  • Keep you team updated with customizable and automated reports to Slack.
  • Save time and don’t miss any issues with you Google Analytics properties with daily audits.
  • Import cost and event data into Google Analytics from Facebook, Salesforce and others coming soon.
  • Monitor multiple Instagram Business accounts within a single place.

Why the deal?

It's a good deal, but why?

We’ve been privately beta testing with 50+ agencies and working hard to improve our platform, but feel it’s time to open up to the public now!

So why are we running such a discounted deal for Optimo Analytics?

  • Grow a great and active community quickly
  • Be able to receive a lot of feedback and feature requests

What do we ask for in return?

Patience! We’re new and growing and although there might be some bugs here and there, we’ll make sure to resolve them ASAP once we know what happened!

Google Analytics Audits

Automatically audit and monitor your Google Analytics properties to make sure you don't miss any implementation or reporting issues.

Data Import

Easily and automatically import your data into Google Analytics and Facebook.

Scheduled Slack Reports

Send reports directly to your team in Slack using data from your Google Analytics, Facebook, or Instagram Business accounts.

Instagram Business Analytics

Get insights from one or multiple Instagram accounts to easily monitor your posts, comments, and stories.

Coming Soon

We're not done yet! We are currently already working on the following, or in our product plan for the next few months.

Bing Ads Integration

Like our Facebook Ads integration, automatically import Bing Ads cost data directly into Google Analytics.

Microsoft Teams Integration

In addition to be able to schedule reports to Slack, you can do the same and send reports to MS Teams.

Analytics Intelligence

Automatically analyzes your Google Analytics (and other sources) data to deliver insights using machine learning models.


Interested? Great! Let's get into the details.

70% Off (+25% Off) - 12 Month Subscription

You read that correctly! For our subscribers that pay for the 12 month yearly plan, we'll give you 75% off your total subscription. This is a great deal for agencies that have multiple clients.

35% Off - Monthly Subscription

Don't need that much for your business? No problem, you can still get a great deal! Use code CELEBRATE35.

Additional details:

  • For the 12 month subscription, in order to get the 70% off, the minimum yearly subscription cost must be $600.00
    • With the 70% off PLUS our regular 25% off any annual subscription, that would end up being $135.00 for 12 months, which is $11.25/month.
  • For the monthly subscription (valid for the next 12 months), in order to get the 35% off, the monthly subscription cost must be over $20.00
  • All prices are listed as US Dollars (USD). On payment, you will be charged in your local currency to the equivalent cost.

Scheduled Reports


per month (per report)

Keep your team updated on the latest in Slack with data from Google Analytics, Facebook, and Instagram

Google Analytics Data Import


per month (per import)

Easily and automatically import your cost and other data into Google Analytics.

Instagram Business Analytics


per month (per account)

Relevant Instagram Business account analytics and for your business, including all data available.

Google Analytics Audits


per month (per audit)

Automatically audit and monitor your Google Analytics views with our daily tests.

Unlimited users

Easily collaborate with your team and clients with set permissions without limitations in your workspaces.

Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

Adding an additional layer of security to ensure only authorized users are accessing each account.

Permission Management

Give the right permissions to the right people to ensure your workspace members are able to access what they need.

Frequently asked questions

You have questions, we have answers!

Can I try it before I pay for anything?

Of course! Just sign up for our 7 day free trial to see if Optimo Analytics is the right solution for you. NO credit cart required.

What is your cancellation policy?

If for whatever reason you don't want or need our platform, feel free to sign into your workspace and go to the Billing section, and cancel your subscription.

What is your refund policy?

If for whatever reason you don't want or need our platform anymore, feel free to reach out to us, and we can help with cancelling and refunding your money. If you have an annual plan, we'd refund only the months you haven't used yet.