Google Analytics

Automated Google Analytics Audits

Daily Google Analytics Audits to ensure that your or your clients' Google Analytics properties so you never miss a thing.

Checking for Best Practices

Regularly audit the settings and data collection to make sure everything is setup and tracking data as expected by Google Analytics.

Ecommerce Implementation

As an ecommerce implementation is of high priority and importance to have accurate your data, we ensure to check what data is and isn't collected.

Personal Identifiable Information

Because of the importance of privacy online and data collection, we regularly check for any personal identifiable information (PII) to let you know what needs to be fixed.

Google Analytics and Salesforce Integration

Gain the ability to see leads and opportunities closed by your team inside Google Analytics

Offline Attribution

Google Analytics, by default, doesn't have access to deals made in other systems, such as Salesforce. Because of this, you have no idea how much revenue was generated by your online digital campaign. We help connect your online efforts with offline results.

Increased Insights

Report by different channels, sources, campaigns, that generate leads by different qualities. Some marketing sources may generate high quality leads, while others may be a waste of resources. This is why you need to be able track the revenue it generated.

Google Analytics Data Import

Start to import advertising cost data into Google Analytics so you can report on ROAS broken down by campaign.

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