Audience Analysis for brands and agencies

Allows brands to gain a deeper understanding of their current and potential customers to improve marketing strategy and customer experience

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Visualize your audience from your accounts

Audience analysis is a central component to any marketing strategy, as it gives you an informed view of who your audiences are and who your audiences are not.


Map out the breakdown of where your audience is located.


Visualize the breakdown of the age of your audience.


Visualize the breakdown of the gender of your audience.

Faster results

Save time analyzing the data and more time on actionable insights.

Audience analysis puts your brand into context

One of the simplest insights to gain about an audience is location. You can identify where people are from.

Is the audience mostly male or female? What is the age breakdown for the audience?

  • Plan and generate content based on your audience
  • Setup advertising campaigns with the right targeting

Automated and powerful to fit your needs

Easily monitor and understand how your audience is feeling about your brand by analyzing the sentiment of each account and every post. Improve and optimize your customer engagement and satisfaction by tracking how your brand sentiment evolves.

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